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Practicing ethical management

Compliance Program

inno.N makes efforts to abide by the competition laws and take the initiative of Compliance Program Culture in the pharmaceutical industry.

CEO Seok Hee Kang

inno.NCEO SeokHee KANG 5 JAN 2018

The year 2017 was a rewarding year for inno.N as it was acknowledged for its contribution to the spread of fair trading culture and it earned the highest rating of AA in Compliance Program Ratings.

As the CEO of inno.N and Compliance Manager, through the processes of ① building, ② propagation and education, ③ operation based on system and manual, ④ Post-operation evaluation / correction / evolution, etc.,
I declare in and out of the company that I will operate a living compliance program.

Please show more interest in inno.N's ethical management in the future.
Ethical management is the only key to create more affluent future, and through the ethical management, inno.N will become a global pharmaceutical company.

inno.N leading the pharmaceutical industry through ethical management! I look forward to your continued interest.

Thank you.