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inno.N continues to innovate
to create a healthy life for customers.

Our Mission

Heal the World for Better Life We create a healthy world for
a better life for our customers.

Our Vision

Global Top Tier
Biohealth Company
As a great leader in the biohealth industry,
we move towards the world.

  • New Move Spirit of first mover creating
    a new trend of pharmaceutical industry
  • Open Innovation Coexistence and collaboration attitude
    continuing open innovation
  • Authentic Humanity Unique sincerity
    for customers’ healthy lives
  • Global Initiative Leading leadership in the future of
    the global pharmaceutical industry
  • Connect Possibility Creative spirit of realizing the possibilities
    of the fourth industrial age
About CEO Kang Seok-hee
inno.N CEO Greetings by SeokHee KANG CEO Greeting
To achieve our corporate mission of ‘Heal the World for Better Life’, we will move on to Innovation No.1 inno.N to develop global innovative new drugs with a spirit of creation and innovation and to reward the people and customers for their support.

About Us

inno.N was established in 1984 as CJ CheilJedang Pharmaceutical Business Division, based on 30 years of pharmaceutical business know-how.


In 1986, we developed hepatitis prevention vaccine 'Hepaccin-B' with pure domestic technology. We were recognized for our technological capability by mass-producing ‘interferon,’ which was a state-of-the-art basic medicine at that time and 7-ACA, the raw material that requires fine chemical technology.

Bag-type IV Solutions

By producing safe-flex bags for the first time in Korea in 1992, we have brought innovation to the healthcare environment where glass containers used to cause inconvenience in use.


CONDITION, the most popular anti-hangover drink in Korea, has been the indisputable No. 1 brand since 1992 when it first opened the anti-hangover drink market in Korea.


In 1995, inno.N was  the first domestic pharmaceutical company to achieve $ 100 million in exports and led the growth of the industry. With the continuous R&D investment, we launched a renal anemia treatment EPO formulation (product name: EPOKINE) in 1998 and this was the world's third and for the first time in Korea, leading the localization of pharmaceuticals.


In 2006, we successfully strengthened our product portfolio by merge and acquisition of Han-il Pharmaceutical Corp. In 2010, we completed the construction of the Osong plant, the world-class pharmaceutical production facility, giving a leap to become a global pharmaceutical company.
To make the foundation for a 100-year company from CJ Healthcare to inno.N in 2020, we are creating real innovations in global high-tech pharmaceutical
Open Innovation Forum photo
inno.N Vision On March 2019, inno.N launched K-CAB Tab.(ingredient name: tegoprazan), a new drug for Gastroesophageal acid reflux, in Korea. K-CAB Tab is not only resulted in the largest performance among new drugs in the first year of its launch, but also exported to 22 countries such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, and 17 nations in Central and South America. inno.N enhances the speed and success of new drug development through open innovation with domestic and overseas biotech companies and universities, and concentrates its own ability on securing future innovative technologies. In 2014, we made a business alliance to develop protein therapeutics with Pangen. In May 2016, we signed a joint development contract with Y-BioLogics, a new antibody developing company, for a dual target antibody, and we have been co-developing immune anticancer drugs, etc. Furthermore, we are leading the development of the Korean domestic pharmaceutical industry by adapting advanced technologies from venture companies in the US, Japan, and Europe into Korea.