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When should we take Anti-hangover drinks?

When you hope to take care of loved ones and keep them in good condition!


Quickly relieve hangovers after drinking with a 100% certified local Oriental raisin tea created through constant research and innovation!

The moments when we need CONDITION!

  • Two filled soju glass Waterdrop illustration
    Preparing for drinking
  • Lightning Illustration Lightning Illustration
    After drinking
  • Condition shadows Condition shadows White flame illustration
    Maintaining health
  • Heart shape illustration
    Caring for the others

    No.1 Anti-hangover drink in Korea, CONDITION

    In 1992, we built up a market of drinks for relieving hangovers for the first time in Korea, based on understanding of our unique social atmosphere. CONDITION has held the title of NO.1 anti-hangover drink for 27 years since the first introduction in Korea.


    Constant efforts and innovation to relieve hangovers

    CONDITION has been released as CONDITION F, CONDITION ADH, CONDITION POWER, HUTGAE CONDITION POWER, and HUTGAE CONDITION for 27 years by enriching the ingredients after its first launch. In 2018, We released the sixth renewed CONDITION that added herbal ingredients (dried mandarin peel, Atractylodes lancea, ginger, licorice, etc.) to existing product ingredients such as 100% domestic Hovenia(Hut-gae) fruit extract.


    HUTGAE CONDITION is made of 100% certified local oriental raisins.

    The Oriental raisins used for HUTGAE CONDITION is 100% certified local product. inno.N searched for qualifying Oriental raisins all across the country.


    CONDITION LADY, an anti-hangover drink for women

    Considering the fact that women suffer more from stomach and liver damage caused by alcohol than men with same amount of alcohol, betaine functioning as lipotropic, hyaluronic acid effective for skin refreshing, and vitamin C are added by maintaining the same main ingredients of the existing HUTGAE CONDITION.


    The anti-hangover drink from Korea to the world

    CONDITION, is the first anti-hangover drink in Korea since 1992. After the product was launched in China in 2004, we have entered Japan and Vietnam, so-called mainstream markets to spread the new hangover-relieving culture worldwide.


    Quick relief for the next day with three natural ingredients* - CONDITION HWAN EX

    Easy to carry anywhere and anytime, CONDITION HWAN EX containing three natural ingredients helps relieve hangovers.
    * maka root, willow branch, dried orange peel

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The first and best anti-hangover drink CONDITION See various advertisements of No.1 anti-hangover drink brand CONDITION!