Strategic Direction of ESG Policies

HK inno.N promotes ESG values in its corporate management by focusing on 10 key areas under the categories of
“the 4 C’s” -- Climate Action, Collective Growth, Community Impact, and Compliance Management.

ESG Performance

ESG initiatives

UNGC(UN Global Compact)

UNGC, or UN Global Compact, is an international organization that encourages corporations around the world to adopt and implement corporate policies that promote sustainability and social responsibility. HK inno.N joined UNGC in October of 2021 and ever since has been submitting an annual report (COP) on how it has implemented the 10 principles of UNGC in its business operations.

K-RE100, or a Korean version of RE 100

RE 100 is a global renewable energy initiative aiming to have power generated using environment-friendly and renewable energy sources, such as through photovoltaic power or wind power, make up 100% of the electric power demanded. Since joining the Korean version of RE 100, often referred to as K-RE 100, in 2023, HK inno.N has been implementing detailed programs to have 100% of its energy needs met through renewable energy sources by year 2050.

ESG Ratings

ESG Assessment Grades by evaluation agency
Year Total
2023 BBB
Year Total E S G
2023 A A A+ A
Year Total
First half of 2023* AA
Second half of 2023* AA
2022 A
2021 BB

* Rating by Asset Size

Year Total E S G
2022 B+ B B A+
Second half of 2021 B B C B+
First half of 2021 B B C A