Socially Responsible Management

HK inno.N seeks to contribute to a better future for all by working towards growth of
its business while living up to its corporate social responsibility.

HK inno.N requires all parties within its supply chain live up to their respective social responsibilities, and in doing so works towards promoting a culture of fair and just commercial trade.

1. Management system for fair
and ethical operations
  • Management system for fair and ethical operation of supply chains : All partner companies within the supply chain are asked to sign and submit a pledge of regulatory compliance and anti-corruption.
  • Employees and partner companies are strictly prohibited from engaging in any of the four categories of unfair, unethical or illegal commercial practices, as defined in the Subcontract Act of Korea, and are required to comply with fair and ethical purchasing principles.
  • When signing supply contracts, the use of the standard contract format as stipulated in the Subcontract Act of Korea, is recommended.

Prohibition of unfair
business practicies

  • Prohibition of unfair selection of vendors
  • Prohibition of corruption
  • Protection of partner companies' information
  • Prohibition of Collusion

The four principles applied
to purchasing

  • Establish and operate a fair process for selecting a partner company.
  • Abide by the rules set out in the agreement and respect the rights of the partner company.
  • Agree on an objectively reasonable price, based on a common goal.
  • Proactively collaborate with and support the partner company to help them increase competitiveness over the long term.
2. Establishment of a Code of Conduct for
Partner Companies and Green
Purchasing Guidelines
  • A Code of Conduct for Partner Companies’ has been set forth to promote sustainable growth throughout all areas of business operations.
  • A set of Green Purchasing Guidelines has been established to promote corporate social responsibility and a culture of sustainable consumption.
Code of Conduct for Partner Companies

A set of basic rules that suppliers to and subcontractors of HK inno.N are asked to comply with

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Green Purchasing Guidelines

A set of guidelines to promote the purchasing of environment-friendly products and a culture of sustainable consumption

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3. Supplier Relationship Management
(SRM) system
  • The company operates an integrated purchasing management system called the Supplier Relationship Management, or SRM.
  • Increased work efficiency: A new tender system has been adopted that allows for a financial assessment of the supply chain from the very initiation of a new transaction.