HK inno.N seeks to build further trust in the company’s business management through
ethical management and transparent disclosure of its governance.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Employees of inno.N understand and practice the core values and management philosophy of the company.
By honoring the principle of ‘abiding by the rules and prioritizing trust’, inno.N’s employees work towards building the trust of customers, colleagues, shareholders and the wider community.
  • Customers

    We prioritize the trust of customers.
  • Employees

    We build trust together with all employees.
  • Partners

    We seek to grow together based on mutual trust with partners.
  • Shareholders

    We build a relationship of trust with our shareholders.
  • Society

    We persistently build trust with local communities and the wider society.
Basic principles of the code of ethics

Basic principles of the code of ethics

1. To whom the code of
ethics applies
The code of conducts apply equally to all employees of HK Kolmar, its subsidiary (i.e. inno.N), sub-subsidiaries and overseas affiliate companies. The phrases ‘HK Kolmar Group’, ‘inno.N’, ‘the company’ and ‘employees’ refer to all such companies and their employees.
2. Compliance with
the law
Employees are required to first and foremost comply with local laws of the country in which they operate. If the requirements of the code of ethics is more stringent than the law, the code of ethics shall be honored. In the case that there is a conflict between the law and the company’s policies or code of ethics, the law shall take precedence.
3. Compliance with
the company’s policies
The code of ethics does not cover all details areas or circumstances that may occur in the course of carrying out one’s task. As such, employees are required to prioritize compliance with the company’s policies and guidelines when carrying out specific tasks.
4. Compliance with
the code of ethics
by employees
① All employees are required to have a thorough understanding of the code of ethics in its entirety and especially the parts concerning his/her tasks. When carrying out his/her job at work, the employee shall abide by the code of ethics.
② If it is difficult to make judgment on a situation due to the peculiarity of a given circumstance, employees shall consult with the Ethical Management Team, the Compliance Team or the Business Diagnosis Team.
③ If a violation of the law, company policies or the code of ethics is detected or suspected to have been committed by an organization or an employee, it shall be immediately reported through the designated channel of the company.
④ Employees who do not honor the code of ethics may be subject to punitive measures in accordance with the relevant company rules.
5. Compliance with
the code of
ethics by
eaders refer to those with a title of team leader or higher who hold decision-making authority within an organizational unit. This includes employees who may be serving as an acting leader in the case of personnel transfers or the absence of a leader.

A leader shall strictly abide by the code of ethics and create and maintain a culture where the principles of honesty, morality, reliability and respect for others is upheld.

① A leader shall understand the code of ethics and set an example in practicing it.
② A leader shall continuously train members of the organizations on the company’s rules and code of ethics.
③ A leader shall have a sincere attitude in counseling members of the organization who are faced with an ethical dilemma.
④ A leader shall immediately notify the company if he/she becomes aware of unethical business practices or a situation that could lead to potential violation of the code of ethics.
⑤ A leader shall not retaliate against or disadvantage an employee who reports on a case of the code of ethics being violated.
6. Compliance with
the code of
ethics by the company
The company is managed in a fair and transparent manner in compliance with all relevant laws, the company’s own policies and code of ethics, and in doing so seeks further growth and progress, as well as increased trust from its customers, employees, partners, shareholders and society at large.

① The company shall establish the basic procedures and standards to be observed by employees as they carry out their tasks at work.
② The company shall establish a training course necessary to ensure that employees are familiar with the relevant laws, the company’s policies and code of ethics and conduct training either regularly or as needed.
③ The company shall take appropriate measures to address violation of the code of ethics committed by an employee, which may include punitive measures. The company shall also establish measures to prevent a re-occurrence of such violations.

Channels for consultation or reporting

Departments for ethics consultation : Ethical Management Team, Compliance Team or Business Diagnosis Team
Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Trust of customers

Trust of our customers is of the utmost priority.

A. Provision of reliable products We must provide products and services that are always reliable.
We, as employees of inno.N, must create our own organizational culture that other companies cannot imitate, must make continuous efforts and conduct research to achieve customer satisfaction, and must equip ourselves with product competitiveness that secures differentiated quality.
B. Fair competition and marketing We, as employees of inno.N must gain the trust of customers through fair competition and marketing.
We must not take actions that conflicts with the principles and the right path forward, and must not take actions that disturb commercial transaction order just to pursue a short-term increase in sales or immediate benefits in the process of conducting sales and marketing activities. We must perform our tasks based on our belief that ‘trust from the customer is life’.
The marketing and promotion materials must be produced and distributed based on the characteristics and efficacy of products grounded in facts, and no falsified or exaggerated information shall be provided to customers.
C. Protection of customer information We treat customer information with the same care given to our own life for strict privacy protection.
Since damages resulting from personal information leakage are rapidly increasing due to the development of IT technology, a failure to properly retain our customer information will cause damage to our customers, and we will not only be held legally responsible, but also end up tearing down the trust relation developed between us and our customers We, as employees of inno.N, must comply with the legislations relating to the personal information of our customers, and must control our customer information in accordance with the standards at least equivalent to those applicable to the company’s own confidential information.
Trust between executives/ employees

We work together towards building trust among employees.

A. Impartial and Fair Job Performance We create an organizational culture that celebrates creativity by offering fair opportunities and ensuring impartial job performance.
We, as employees of inno.N, must mutually respect each other and protect basic ethics, must provide all with an impartial opportunity without bias, without pressure and without illegal distinction, and must make efforts to demonstrate the potential of all members to the utmost extent possible through fair job performance.
HK inno.N and its executives/employees will establish an organizational culture that encourages our executives/employees to think creatively and act autonomously.
B. Mutual Respect Between Executives/ Employees We create a refined organizational culture that respects and treats others with dignity.
We, as employees of inno.N, are fellow travelers who keep pace of the ox to slowly but surely approach our goals, and our executives/employees are important family members who mutually respect one another.
We must practice good manners at work, must avoid using words or taking actions that undermine the dignity of our colleagues or our community, and must not establish a working environment that feels threatening, insulting or unpleasant in any way.
C. Gender Equality and Prohibition of Sexual Harassment We create an organizational culture that promotes gender equality and where sexual harassment is not tolerated.
We, as employees of inno.N, must acknowledge and respect the dignity, values and rights as human beings, must treat both genders equally without distinction in terms of recruitment, task assignments and promotion, must be aware that everyone is entitled to be treated equally, must make efforts to establish a culture that promotes gender equality, must be aware that acts of sexual harassment such as sexually provocative or inappropriate words or actions are strictly prohibited at all times, must comply with all laws relating to gender equality and the prohibition of sexual harassment, and must make joint efforts with the company to create a wholesome workplace culture.
D. A Safe and Healthy Working Environment We strictly abide by basic principles to create a healthy workplace.
We, as employees of inno.N, must be faithful to the basic principles in the process of conducting all business activities such as R&D, purchase, production and sales based on the belief that safety, health and environment can never be overemphasized, and must strictly comply with the legislations relating to safety, health and environment.
The company must exert its best endeavors to not only provide the executives/employees and all the stakeholders such as partner companies with a safe and sound working environment, but also prevent negligent accidents and environmental accidents.
E. Protection of Assets and Intellectual Property Rights We guard against the assets and intellectual property of the company which are the fruit of our labor.
We, as employees of inno.N, must be well aware that the company’s property is a basic resource that allows the company to exist and prosper, and that the value of the company’s property can be properly demonstrated when they are appropriately used by drawing a distinct line between public and private matters.
In particular, the intellectual property rights, confidential information and important information which are the fruit of our labor are important assets that are needed for us to survive and thrive against fierce competition, we must actively protect and control such rights and information in a way to prevent unwanted disclosure to external parties without prior approval or in accordance with the procedures stipulated in law.
F. Prevention of Information Leakage We strictly abide by the standards of data protection on a daily basis to prevent information leakage.
The progress in digital and IT technologies has made our working environment more convenient, but this has also come with a greater risk of the company’s information and data being leaked. This raises the need to proceed with particular caution when using digital and IT equipment.
We, as employees of inno.N, must proceed with caution when using IT equipment, must appropriately use such equipment where its use is necessary to carry out the tasks at work, and must strictly comply with the company’s policies relating to information protection to prevent information leakage.
Trust from partners

We seek to grow together with partners based on trust.

A. Strict Compliance with the Fair Trade Act We work towards creating a fair transaction culture based on mutual trust with partners.
We and our partner companies, as partners who work together towards the same goal based on the spirit of co-existence, must value mutual trust, and recognize that such trust is only developed on the basis of mutually fair transactions.
We, as employees of inno.N, must strictly comply with Fair Trade Act in doing business with our partner companies, and must establish a fair co-existence culture based on mutual trust and respect.
B. Pursuit of Fair and Free Competition We pursue fair and free competition, where those with the best technologies and capabilities become market leaders.
As the competition to offer valuable products and services that meet customers’ needs grows increasingly fierce, inno.N is in no exception in having to engage in fair competition. We believe that if competition is inevitable, it must be done in a fair manner.
We, as employees of inno.N, must not compete using unjust methods, engage in foul play, or resort to measures that are not compliant with applicable law or common commercial practice, and must continue to improve our skills and capabilities through participation in free and fair competition.
C. Prohibition of Corruption and Improper Requests We strengthen partnerships through transparent transactions based on integrity.
We, as employees of inno.N, must carry out tasks in a fair and transparent manner when engaging in business with the partner companies and stakeholders, must not take profits acquired in a dishonest or illegal fashion, and must not provide or be provided with financial or non-financial benefits, including services or entertainment in exchange for favors either explicitly or implicitly requested.
This principle shall apply to all countries in which we conduct business, and we must comply with the anti-corruption laws and regulations established in the respective countries.
D. Collection of information through legitimate and legal means All information must be collected through legitimate and legal means, such as through public disclosures or materials published by a specialized institution.
It may be required from time to time to collect information on our competitors to create customer value and promote sustainable management of the company. However, even in such a case, we, as employees of inno.N, must collect information using legitimate and legal means, such as publicly disclosed records or analysis reports published by specialized institutions.
We believe that only when we all uphold the principles of the market economy and of free and fair competition and maintain mutual trust, can we achieve sustainable growth.
Trust from shareholders

We seek to build a trustworthy relationship with our shareholders.

A. Increase in Mid-to-Long Term Shareholder Value We seek to increase shareholder value over the mid-to-long term, through strategic investments and sound business management.
We, as employees of inno.N, remain committed to R&D and innovation to offer products with unique value that sets themselves apart from competitors’ products, especially within the core business segment of skincare products, health supplements and pharmaceuticals. In doing so we seek to develop future growth engines that can boost shareholder value over the mid-to-long term. An effective internal control system has been established for ongoing monitoring and improvements to achieve sustainable management and build further trust with our shareholders.
B. Prevention of conflict of interest If there is a conflict of interest between ourselves as individuals and the company during the course of carrying out our tasks at work, we work towards prioritizing the interests of the company.
We, as employees of inno.N, must avoid acts or associations that pose a conflict of interest between ourselves as individuals and the company in the process of performing work tasks. In the case where there is a conflict of interest, we must act in a way that prioritizes the interests of the company and its stakeholders including the shareholders.
If there is concern of an existing or potential conflict of interest, we as employees must notify the company of the situation and await the company’s decision, so as to ensure that our judgment is not swayed by personal interests.
C. Increased Transparency in Accounting We provide transparent accounting data to build further trust with our shareholders and stakeholders.
We, as employees of inno.N, must transparently and accurately record and keep details of business transactions starting at the time of their occurrence in accordance with certified accounting standards. In any case should data be falsified in the records.
Accurately disclosing circumstances deemed material to the company’s management is essential in maintaining the trust of shareholders and stakeholders, as well as in protecting the company.
D. Prohibition of Illegal Use of Inside Information We do not seek gains through dishonest or illegal means by taking advantage of undisclosed inside information.
Using information undisclosed to the public or only available to insiders of the company for personal gain, or for the benefit of one’s family, friends or relatives is strictly prohibited under law. Violators of this law are held liable under the civil and criminal codes.
We, as employees of inno.N, must never use information undisclosed to the public or only available to internal parties to generate ill-gotten gains for oneself, or one’s family, friends or relatives.
Social Trust

We consistently work towards building social trust.

A. Joint Environmental Protection Initiatives We work together towards preserving a clean natural environment by protecting the environment and conserving resources.
We, as employees of inno.N, must acknowledge that our natural environment is something to be treasured and preserved, and that companies that do not take into account its environmental impact cannot generate sustainable growth, nor be guaranteed its survival. All employees of inno.N exert their best endeavors to ensure that the company is operated in an environment-friendly manner, while acknowledging that environmental preservation starts with the smallest steps, and work towards minimizing the waste of resources.
B. Ongoing Social Contribution Initiatives Through social contribution programs, we aim to contribute to local communities and live up to our responsibility as a corporate citizen.
We, as employees of inno.N and as members of our society, must diligently live up to our responsibilities, must respect the cultures and values of local communities in which we operate, and must make the most of our capabilities and resources to consistently carry out activities for the greater good of society.
We must practice sharing, one of the core values of HK Kolmar Group, as we pull our weight in developing a harmonious society.
C. Respect for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity We create an organizational culture that is open, by upholding human rights and respecting cultural diversity.
We, as employees of inno.N, must uphold human rights, respect the decency of all human beings, and make efforts to create an environment where members of the organization can tap into their full potential without becoming subject to discrimination, bias or unjust pressure of any form. We acknowledge and respect the differences and diversity of the many cultures, traditions and customs around the world, and remain open-minded to create an open and embracing organizational culture.
D. Maintenance of Political Neutrality inno.N does not engage in any political matters, either domestic or international, and strictly maintains its political neutrality.
We, as employees of inno.N, are not restricted from expressing our personal opinion on political issues. However, we must proceed with caution to avoid personal opinions and comments from being construed as those representing the stance of the company.
The company shall not become involved in politics, either directly or indirectly, and shall maintain its political neutrality. No political activities are allowed within the workplace. The company does not endorse any political organizations, either legally or through illegal channels in exchange for favors.