ESH Management

HK inno.N takes responsibility for safety, health and environmental conservation throughout
its business operations, contributing to a safer and healthier society for all.

Management policies

ESH management

Management based on the values of safety, health and the environment is defined as a top priority. Continuous improvement and prevention for the safety of people and equipment are also undertaken to establish a safe, healthy and environment-friendly business site.

    A leading Korean pharmaceutical company that promotes health and safety in an optimized environment

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      Through thorough management and innovation, safety and environment-related risks are removed
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      Business continuity is protected from potential risk and synergy in organizational performance is promoted through the support system for safety and environment.
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      Specialized ESG activities are continuously carried out. Environmental, Social and Governance; Non-financial environment-friendly CSR activities

Management Policy

HK inno.N Corporation aims to grow into a leading pharmaceutical company trusted domestically and internationally, fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities through sustainable, green management practices and achieving business development in partnership with local communities and customers.

  1. Continual improvement of environmental performance HK inno.N aims to achieve continuous, sustainable improvement of its environmental management performance through systematic development and effective implementation of a corporate environmental management system.
  2. Development and production of sustainable, eco-friendly products Through proactive embodiment of domestic and international requirements on eco-friendly products, HK inno.N prioritizes utilization of resources on development and production of green products in the entire process of design, production, sales, distribution, use, and disposal of the company’s products.
  3. Prevention of environmental pollution through green and sustainable business and management practices In addition to productivity enhancement through improvement of internal processes, HK inno.N is committed to a sustainable practice of low-carbon/eco-friendly business and management activities through minimizing waste generation, use of hazardous substances and energy consumption by promoting reuse, recycling and replacement of hazardous substances used in the manufacturing process, as well as reducing pollutants and exercising circular economy with virtuous cycles of resources.
  4. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations To ensure compliance with environmental laws, regulations and other requirements, HK inno.N establishes internal management standards and implements the established standards in full.
  5. Active disclosure and communication of environmental information In order to practice environmental management, education and training sessions are held on a regular basis for development of personnel capabilities of all executives and employees of HK inno.N to attain improvement of environmental management performance, and transparent disclosure of environmental policies is implemented for relevant stakeholders, etc.

April 5, 2023

Dalwon Kwak, CEO, HK inno.N Corporation

Guidelines for incorporating
health and safety
in management

HK inno.N, based on a deep respect for life, shall establish and implement a safety and health management system to protect all its employees and customers, thereby taking the lead in the corporate movement for greater safety, health and sustainability.

  1. HK inno.N shall aim to become a socially responsible company by complying with all laws and requirements on safety and health, both at home and abroad.
  2. HK inno.N shall provide the resources necessary for improving safety and health to remove or prevent any potential risks, in order to promote a more sustainable business environment.
  3. HK inno.N shall ensure the participation of all employees in health and safety-related activities as well as related communication, to detect risk factors early on and address them on a continuous basis, thereby creating a safe and healthy work environment.
  4. HK inno.N shall establish a safety management system that diagnoses and mitigates risk factors based on risk assessment and where individuals are encouraged to be proactive in preventing and mitigating risks.
  5. HK inno.N shall conduct regular training of all employees to strengthen capabilities on health and safety-related matters, proactively engage with various stakeholders regarding the company’s health and safety-related programs, and transparently disclose the outcomes of such programs.

10th of March, 2023

Myeong-ki Choi, Chief Safety Officer, HK inno.N Corporation

Business strategy and systems for ESH