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inno.N is making the leap towards becoming the next global bio health care company.

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inno.N brings us closer to the long-awaited dreams of a healthier and more beautiful daily life by living up to its social responsibilities and rising up to the challenge.

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Since its establishment in 1984, inno.N has tapped into the belief that its business was also helping chart the nation’s future. This belief has served and continues to serve the company well, as it has grown into one of the leading pharmaceutical firms in the nation.
Since its establishment in 1984, inno.N has gained competitiveness in the businesses of prescription drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, health supplements and beauty products.
Drawing on the company’s experience and knowhow in developing novel drugs, inno.N succeeded in launching ‘K-CAB’, the 30th novel drug to be developed and registered in Korea, to great acclaim. Building on this success, inno.N remains committed to growing into a global bio health company built on outstanding products and technologies that bring us closer to a healthier future.
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Business Overview

inno.N’s key businesses are in the areas of prescription drugs, health supplements and beauty products. Through exports and global alliances, the company is growing into an international pharmaceutical firm.

Key businesses

Drawing on the company’s experience as a leading pharmaceutical firm of Korea and knowhow in developing a variety of high quality prescription drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients, inno.N succeeded in launching ‘K-CAB’ to great acclaim. K-CAB is a treatment for GERD, and is also the 30th novel drug to be developed and registered in Korea. Building on this success, inno.N remains committed to becoming not only a market leader in Korea, but also a leading global bio health company.
The healthy and beauty business has also seen continuous growth, driven by Condition, the market leader for anti-hangover beverages first launched in 1992, as well as Oriental Raisin Water, a steady-seller in the market for health drinks. By offering an increasing number of health supplement and beauty products, inno.N plans to increase the future value of the company by positioning itself as a ‘health care partner’ that will join you throughout various stages in life.
  • Prescription drugs

    inno.N aims to become a global leader in supplying prescription drugs by offering high value-added products such as the blockbuster K-CAB, the biopharmaceuticals Epokine and intravenous fluids.
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    With the hangover relief product ‘Condition’ and the health supplement beverage ‘Oriental Raisin Water (Hutgaesoo)’, inno.N helps create a more beautiful future.
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    The slow aging cosmetics brand ‘bewants’ and the premium hair care brand ‘ScalpMed’ help create a more beautiful future.
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Global businesses

Drawing on its global sales network and marketing capabilities that it has built up over the years, inno.N has been offering its prescription drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and health and beauty products to global markets. Products are now exported to Japan, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Furthermore, inno.N is targeting various countries such as Europe and the Middle East.

Strategic alliances

With its specialized sales and marketing capabilities as well as strong R&D in novel and biological drugs, inno.N has been able to forge a number of strategic alliances with global pharmaceutical firms, both large and small. The alliances with multinational pharmaceutical firms, including AstraZeneca, MSD, Takeda, Eisai, Daiichi Sankyo, have allowed inno.N to make innovative drugs more widely available to the Korean market, and to export worldwide the novel drugs and biological drugs developed by inno.N, making the competitiveness of one of Korea’s leading bio and healthcare company well known around the world.
Country Partner company Products
Spain mAbxience Denosumab
UK AstraZeneca Vivacor
USA Braintree K-CAB
USA MSD Gardasil, Gardasil 9, Zostavax, Rotateq
USA Currax Silenor
Singapore Celltrion AP Madipine, Basen
Japan Kureha Kremezin
Japan Kyowa Hakko Kirin Tostrex
Japan Nippon Chemiphar Soleton
Japan Sumitomo Dainippon Almarl
Japan Eisai Decaquinon
Japan Daiichi Sankyo Banan, Vitamedin, Mevalotin
Japan Mitsubishi Tanabe Herben, Arobest
Japan Takeda Madipine, Ceradoran, Basen
Japan RaQualia K-CAB
Switzerland Helsinn Aloxi, Akynzeo
Germany Helm Procalin
Austria Ever Pemta
Netherlands Glycostem oNKord
China Luoxin K-CAB
Mexico Carnot K-CAB
Indonesia Kalbe K-CAB
Vietnam Lynh Farma K-CAB
Philippines MPPI K-CAB
Thailand Pond's Chemical K-CAB
Singapore UITC K-CAB
Malaysia Pharmaniaga K-CAB
India Dr. Reddy's K-CAB
Russia Dr. Reddy's K-CAB
South Africa Dr. Reddy's K-CAB
Ukraine Dr. Reddy's K-CAB
Kazakhstan Dr. Reddy's K-CAB
Uzbekistan Dr. Reddy's K-CAB
Belarus Dr. Reddy's K-CAB
Brazil Eurofarma K-CAB