Anonymous Whistle-blower Hotline

Welcome to inno.N’s online anonymous whistle-blower hotline.
Establishing lawfulness, fairness and transparency is the key in our company.

*For reports related to violations of fair competition, please use the Compliance Report.

Go to Compliance Report
  • Object of Report Any concern involving violations of law or code of ethics may be raised through the Anonymous Whistle-blower Hotline. You may report on these issues: potential violation of law, workplace harassment, receipt or provision of reward from/to interested parties, illegal and unfair use of company assets, suggestions etc.
  • Informant Protection inno.N collects all types of reports anonymously via a hotline. We will take the full responsibility for protecting the informant with the highest level of confidentiality.
  • Easy Reporting Process Anyone at any time can file a report via smartphones or PC of unethical acts committed by the company or its officers and staffs.

The identity of all informants are kept strictly confidential.

Reporting Process

  • Submit a Report When reporting a case, take note of the assigned report key and the password. *Any forgotten report key/ passwords cannot be retrieved, reissued or reset.
  • Confirmation
    by staff member
    The staff member in charge is notified via email or text message when a report is submitted.
  • Investigation After investigation, response to the report will be posted.
  • View results Log in with the report key and the password and check the status. If needed, you can communicate and exchange further information with the staff member in charge.