Socially Responsible Management

HK inno.N seeks to contribute to a better future for all by working towards growth of
its business while living up to its corporate social responsibility.

Social contribution

HK inno.N supports connecting to a better future through healthy innovation.


Connect for better future


The new and next
for a healthy society.

To support the ushering in of a better future through innovation in healthcare.

Direction of

HK inno.N promotes social contribution activities based on Expertise, Genuineness, and Sustainability.
  • Expertise

    Activities that leverage the uniqueness of the industry
  • Genuineness

    Based on voluntary participation and empathy
  • Sustainability

    Activities with continuity

Key areas for
CSR initiatives

To connect to a healthy future, inno.N carries out its social responsibility with a focus on the three categories of social initiatives, realizing dreams and eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Social N

    We live together in harmony.

    By leveraging the business’ capabilities, inno.N contributes to creating social values and promotes co-prosperity with local communities through open communication.
  • Dream N

    We cheer on for dreams to come true.

    HK inno.N contributes to the fostering of healthy future talent and expands opportunities for future success by sharing its knowledge and experience.
  • Eco N

    We create a sustainable environment.

    HK inno.N strives to create a sustainable environment through company-wide environmental initiatives, including those to reduce the use of disposable
    plastic and the emission of fine particulates.

Major activities

    • Disaster Response Activities

      HK inno.N is a reliable partner of community with prompt responses to disaster issues and strategic support for local residents enabling restoration of their daily life. Activities include signing of a Disaster Response MOU, provision of relief supplies to the disaster sites, and support campaigns for volunteers.

    • Donation of medicinal products

      HK inno.N is dedicated to improving access to medicinal products for less privileged areas and groups in terms of medical services in Korea and abroad, through continuous supply for the vulnerable areas and groups and process control for proper use and distribution of medicines.

    • Campaign for Senior Citizens Day

      HK inno.N values senior citizens. To mark the occasion of Senior Citizens Day on October 2nd every year, employees of HK inno.N at all business sites pack and prepare healthcare kits for senior citizens and deliver them to local seniors at each location of business sites (Jung-gu in Seoul, Osong-Daeso in North Chungcheong Province, and Icheon in Gyeonggi Province).

    • Support for vulnerable groups in the community

      HK inno.N forges links of collaboration with local governments and non-profit organizations where the company’s business is located to identify vulnerable groups in welfare blind spots and provide necessary support.

    • Donation of proceeds from sales of HK inno.N’s products

      As part of the introductory training and orientation program for new hires, the new employees of the company sell HK inno.N’s products and donate the proceeds to recipients of their choice.

    • Sponsoring children in the local community through the Dream Start Project in Cheongju Dream Start Project in Cheongju

      From 2021, HK inno.N participated in the Dream Start Project in Cheongju every year to support learning expenses for children in the local community. In 2023, the company signed an MOU with Cheongju City to develop and nurture the potential of participating children in the Dream Start Project

    • Campaign for Child Support Donation with Walking (You Steps with HK inno.N)

      From the second half of 2021, HK inno.N launched a non-face-to-face donation campaign to support children and adolescents, including those children with diabetes, obesity, and children of brain-dead organ donors. Through the campaign, the company aims to raise awareness on the diseases and pediatric patients, and encourage the practice of “walking,” an activity that the public can easily participate in their daily life, thereby contributing with solutions to social problems.

    • Christmas Campaign in Support of Sick Children (A Surprise Visit from Santa Claus)

      This is a campaign from 2016 where executives and employees of HK inno.N directly deliver Christmas gifts and messages of hope to patients at children’s hospitals in Seoul during the year-end holiday season.

    • Forest Creation Campaign with employees of HK inno.N (Healthy Forest, Pleasant Breath)

      In celebration of Earth Day, HK inno.N runs a forest creation campaign with participation of employees for biodiversity conservation and environmental protection.

    • Completion of a new, environment-friendly plant for IV fluids

      Solar power generating facilities have been installed in 2020 to construct a new, environment-friendly plant for manufacturing IV fluids in Osong. This has helped improve energy efficieny within the plant

    • Campaign for No Disposable Cups in Company (U Green?)

      With the goal of total ban of disposable cups within the company, HK inno.N runs an everyday environmental protection campaign with employees, such as encouraging the use of tumblers for hot beverages and replacing disposable cups in company cafes with reusable cups.

    • Food Waste Reduction Campaign (Zero Leftover Food)

      HK inno.N takes initiatives another route of campaign for environmental protection by reducing food waste by designating a day without leftover food every month at the business sites in Osong and Icheon.

    • Environmental cleanup activities (Han River plogging & Picking-up Litter campaign around business sites)

      HK inno.N continues to take part in environmental cleanup activities on a regular basis with executives and employees in areas adjacent to the business sites.