Based on the differentiated research capabilities and experience in developing a wide range of products,
inno.N continues its R&D for next-generation pharmaceutical products.

inno.N’s R&D

Through continuous innovation and aggressive R&D, inno.N re-writes the history of rising to the challenge. While upgrading its pipeline with competitive candidate drugs for the circulatory system, metabolic system, the gastrointestinal system as well as IV products, inno.N also invests heavily in the research and development of new drugs for gastrointestinal diseases, immune diseases, infections and vaccines.

Novel Drug

Drawing on the company’s experience and knowhow in developing novel drugs, inno.N succeeded in launching a new treatment drug for gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, in tablet form, called ‘K-CAB’, the 30th novel drug to be developed and registered in Korea. Building on this success, inno.N continues to focus on strengthening its pipeline for products that address unmet needs in the market, including drugs treating gastrointestinal diseases, cancer and immune diseases.

Key roles

  • Research on novel synthetic drugs and processes for API 
  • Research on the format of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Analysis and assessment


The R&D capabilities that made the commercialization of interferon alpha/beta, GCSF and EPO possible are now geared towards developing a variety of drugs based on biological mechanisms. Current R&D in the area include second generation protein drugs, differentiated products focusing on antibodies, vaccines, and cell and gene therapy.

Key roles

  • Overall research on related technologies
  • Research on cells and genes
  • Research on vaccines

Health and Beauty

Drawing on its experience of having conducted research and development on Condition and Oriental Raisin water, both of which are perennial steady-sellers, the Institute has been focusing on the development of materials and ingredients that can be individually recognized for their efficacy in treating chronic diseases and age-related medical conditions, in addition to branded blockbuster consumer goods offering new health benefits. The R&D capabilities that had been applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing have also been extremely helpful in broadening the areas of R&D for the Institute, and has led to the development of skincare solutions including those aimed at facial skincare and scalp care.

Key roles

  • Research on anti-hangover beverages and other functional beverages
  • Research on microbiomes
  • Discovery of and research on individually recognized ingredients

R&D strategies

R&D investment