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100% certified local
Oriental raisin tea for people of all ages!

The moments we need HUTGAESOO

  • With popcorn instead of coke when you watch a drama or a movie
  • When you feel thirst that can never be quenched with water
  • When you have concerns for wearing a bikini
  • When you work out for a “six-pack”
  • When you climb on a mountain
  • Good for water supplement during work hours
  • When you ride a bicycle

    The 100% certified local Oriental raisin tea.

    Using only the 100% certified local oriental raisin tea, which is known to be the best among raisins, HUTGAESOO relieves your thirst that can never be quenched with water.

    ※ The unique ingredients of the Oriental raisin tea may produce precipitates but they are not foreign matters, so you may drink with a safe mind.


    HUTGAESOO is a zero-calorie drink.

    HUTGAESOO is appropriate for people of all ages since it is a zero-calorie drink without saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol.


    Also, this is a sugar-free drink

    The sugar content of HUTGAESOO is more than 300 times of sugar but it is composed of non-caloric fruit ‘Mogroside’. Since only a small amount of Mogroside is absorbed into intestines and the rest is washed out from the body, you can enjoy the drink without concerns for sugar.

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HUTGAESOO quenches thirst See video advertisements of HUTGAESOO!