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Globally notable


inno.N is becoming a global No.1 pharmaceutical player in the global market by expanding exports and strengthening local business.

A global pharmaceutical company that the world market watches Based on global sales and marketing competences that have been accumulated for years, we have rolled out the ethical drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), and Health & Beauty products across the globe. On the basis of new drug R&D for a range of success experiences and advance to global markets, we are expanding the exports to Japan, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, and Europe, and have directly made inroads into Vietnamese market, constructed sales network, and consolidated sales and marketing competences.


For inquiries about global business, please contact us at the e-mail address below.

Global Business HKIN_business@inno-n.com HKIN_business@inno-n.com

R&D Business Development inno.N.open@inno-n.com inno.N.open@inno-n.com

Condition pictures for sale overseas
‘CONDITION’, the Korean representative hangover-relieving drink, is spreading new hangover-easing culture in the mainstream markets of China, Vietnam and Japan, beyond Korea. Taking the initiative in spreading the hangover-relieving culture in the mainstream markets of China, Japan and Vietnam, inno.N is currently sailing around the world to launch CONDITION in other foreign countries beyond Southeast Asia.


Advance to the mainstream of the northern part of China(centered on Beijing) (2014) In March 2014, launching CONDITION into the Beijing mainstream market, we declared targeting the global market on a full scale. The Chinese product name, similar to existing product name in terms of pronunciation, is 肯迪醒(Chinese pronunciation: Kendixing), which means ‘awake’ in Chinese. Also, with a catchphrase “Having a drinking party lightly (轻松应酬: Qingsong yingchou)”, we form a new drinking culture in China. In 2018, it will be registered as health food. 2015~2017 Participated in the ‘National Tangjiu Products Trade Expo’, the largest food & beverage/liquor products exposition
2016 Business cooperation with ‘Jiuxianwang’, the largest online liquor sale mall in China Business cooperation with “Guoyuan xinhai”, distributors for drug stores in China


Building up No.1 brand image by TV advertisement and utilizing modernized distribution chain (2014) CONDITION has advanced into Vietnam, the 14th most populous country in the world and second in Asian countries for and beer consumption rate. Product launching shows were held and sampling events were positively held in major cities, including Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, and also started to aggressively target the domestic market through the local home shopping broadcasting station ‘SCJ’, raising brand awareness in Vietnam at the beginning stage. We are releasing TV commercials to improve brand awareness in Vietnam since March 2016. Until now variety of products have been exported to China, Japan, and Vietnam markets, but it is the first time to have TV commercials in the local market.