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Practicing ethical management

Compliance Program

inno.N is making every effort to abide by the competition laws and take the initiative of Compliance Program Culture in the pharmaceutical industry.

The term, Self Compliance Program means ‘Internal compliance system’, including training and supervision to be internally established and operated for companies to establish competitive order and observe fair trade laws and regulations for themselves in doing economic activities.

7 Elements of Self Compliance Program

  1. 01

    Clarification by CEO of the will and policy of self compliance

  2. 02

    Appointment of self compliance manager who is in charge of operating CP

  3. 03

    Publishment and distribution of a self compliance handbook

  4. 04

    Execution of continuous and systematic self compliance training

  5. 05

    Construction of internal supervision system

  6. 06

    Punishment against employees and executives who violated fair trade laws and regulations

  7. 07

    Establishment of document management system