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CJ HealthCare changed its name to HK inno.N 2021.05.17

Mar. 31, 2020

CJ HealthCare changed its name to HK inno.N

- Meaning 'innovation DNA', 'new', 'connection', and 'future'
- Leaping into a leading 100-year company in the global bio-health market

CJ HealthCare changed its name to HK inno. N
CJ HealthCare, a subsidiary of Kolmar Korea, changed its name to HK inno.N (HK inno.N Corporation) and accelerates a global market target as a bio-health company.

HK inno.N will officially change its name as from April 1st on the 36th anniversary of its foundation.

CJ HealthCare, the predecessor of HK inno.N, has maintained its existing mission to minimize customers’ confusion over the past two years since becoming a member of Kolmar Korea in 2018.

Meanwhile, CJ HealthCare has secured future growth engines by strengthening the health and beauty business by investing in new infusion solution plant expansion, and entering health functional foods overseas. The company has changed its name to ‘HK inno.N,’ which contains the company's mission and vision in order to leap beyond pharmaceutical companies to become a global bio-health company.

‘HK inno.N' implicitly expressed its meaning. The name implies 'innovation', 'New,' 'and(connection)' and 'Next (the future)', which are the spirits to be equipped as a global bio-health company. Like the meaning of the new name, HK inno.N has set a vision to advance toward the world as a leader in the global bio-health industry through research on new drugs and new technologies, open innovation, and customer-oriented product development.

Kang Seok-Hee, CEO of HK inno.N said in the founding commemoration speech, "The past 30 years have been on a journey of innovation to make a better today than yesterday." He continued, “with the beginning of the development of Korea's first EPO (renal anemia treatment), the company has continuously challenged the development of K-CAB Tab., Korea’s No.30 new drug, entry into the health functional food market in Vietnam, and investment in a new plant for infusion solutions. Now, let's take a new challenge to advance beyond the pharmaceutical industry to become a 100-year-old company that leads the global bio-health industry.”
HK inno.N started its business in 1984 and celebrated its 36th anniversary this year.
HK inno.N, which succeeded in a soft landing after becoming a member of Kolmar Korea in 2018, released K-CAB Tab., a new drug for GERD in March of the following year after being approved. K-CAB Tab. has been recognized a domestic blockbuster new drug less than 1 year of launching with a cumulative record of 35.9 billion Won until February last year. It has reached 22 countries around the world and showed the potential as a large global new drug.

HK inno.N, which expanded its global stage activities with K-CAB Tab., established a corporation in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and launched health functional foods for Vietnam under the ‘CONDITION’ brand consecutively. The company has also made progress in entering the local health functional food market.
Active investments were also made to strengthen future growth engines. HK inno.N, one of the nation's leading iv producers, is accelerating the growth of the iv business by expanding a new plant in Osong, Chungbuk, capable of producing 55 million bags of solutions annually.

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