Ethical management

Through business management based on ethical values, inno.N helps create a healthier world.


ISO 37001 Anti-corruption management system

ABMS : Anti-bribery management system

Leading the pharmaceutical industry in the prevention of corruption

The obligation to take particular precaution and conduct supervision to prevent corruption within the organization

What is ISO 37001?

“Reasonable and balanced policies, procedures and control system for anti-corruption”

  • ISO 37001 is an international standard that defines requirements applicable to the area of anti-corruption related to all organizational activities. It is a global standard certification system where certification by a third party is available on the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the anti-corruption management system within an organization
  • It defines the requirements related to the implementation of policies, procedures and controls that are reasonable and in proportion to the risks faced by the organization in association with bribes or corruption
inno.N, through ISO 37001 certification, promotes the internalization of a mindset that emphasizes ethical management for a corporate culture of integrity to take root and disseminate.