Ethical management

Through business management based on ethical values, inno.N helps create a healthier world.


ISO 37301 legal compliance management system

(CMS : Compliance Management System)

Confirming the number one status in legal compliance management in the pharmaceutical industry

A corporate culture of autonomous legal compliance

What is ISO 37301?

“An integrated system to ensure that the organization is operated in accordance with all laws, rules and code of conduct”

  • A global standard system that certifies legal compliance of the organization and its establishment of an integrated system that helps minimize damage incurred by consumers due to violations of the law
  • If ISO 37301 is an international standard specialized for bribes and/or corruption, ISO 37301 is an international standard for all aspects of legal compliance that organizations must abide by
With a certification for ISO 37301, inno.N has laid the foundation for increased transparency and sustainable management.