Ethical management

Through business management based on ethical values, inno.N helps create a healthier world.

Report cases

You may report a suspected violation of the ethics code here.

Report cases

If you have come across a suspected violation of the fair trade laws by directors, employees, competitors or customers of inno.N, you can report it here. The informant’s identity is kept strictly confidential. The information you submit will be treated confidentially to the extent appropriate in each case and if you choose to report by identifying yourself, inno.N will offer first-priority protection of that individual informant. inno.N will thoroughly review reported cases in a prompt and fair manner and strive to grow and behave with integrity.

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※ Do not provide your resident registration number or social security number on any page.

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Operational rules of the compliance program of inno.N *

Operational rules of the Fair Trade compliance program of inno.N

Article 24
1. The compliance administrator and compliance team will take all necessary measures to protect the informant if a case of the fair competition laws having been violated by an employee is reported.
2. The compliance administrator and compliance team will keep the identity of the informant strictly confidential, and protect the informant from becoming subject to any disadvantages.
However, any person who is deliberately makes a false allegation may be subject to punitive measures.

Collection and Use of Personal Data *

HK inno.N Corporation collects the following personal data to receive reports, conduct investigations into alleged cases and notify the informant of the investigation outcome.
1. Purpose of collection and use of Personal Data: To receive reports, conduct investigations into alleged cases and notify the informant of the investigation outcome.
2. Personal data collected: Name, mobile phone number, email address.
3. Period of Retention and Use of Personal Data: In principle, the personal data is destroyed without delay after the purposes of collecting and using personal data are achieved.
4. You may object to the collection and use of your personal data but this may result in the restriction of services made available.

inno.N respects your right to privacy while using our websites. We take the protection of personal data seriously and will only collect, process, and use any personal data that you provide in this form in accordance with our Privacy Policy. With the personal information you provide, we may contact you for additional information for verification purposes or respond and/or provide information on how your report was handled.