Social contribution

inno.N takes the lead in promoting the health and beauty of mankind, thereby contributing to increased value in life.

Social contribution

inno.N supports connecting to a better future through healthy innovation.


Connect for better future


The new and next
for a healthy society.

To support the ushering in of a better future through innovation in healthcare.

Direction of

inno.N promotes social contribution activities based on Expertise, Genuineness, and Sustainability
  • Expertise

    Activities that leverage the uniqueness of the industry
  • Genuineness

    Based on voluntary participation and empathy
  • Sustainability

    Activities with continuity

Key areas for
CSR initiatives

To connect to a healthy future, inno.N carries out its social responsibility with a focus on the three categories of social initiatives, realizing dreams and eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Social N

    We live together in harmony.

    By leveraging the business’ capabilities, inno.N contributes to creating social values and promotes co-prosperity with local communities through open communication.
  • Dream N

    We cheer on for dreams to come true.

    inno.N contributes to the fostering of healthy future talent and expands opportunities for future success by sharing its knowledge and experience.
  • Eco N

    We create a sustainable environment.

    inno.N strives to create a sustainable environment through company-wide environmental initiatives, including those to reduce the use of disposable
    plastic and the emission of fine particulates.

Major activities

    • Delivery of health kits on the occasion of the Day of Senior Citizens

      Health kits put together by the company were delivered to the elderly within local communities where the company’s businesses are located, on the Day of Senior Citizens on October 1.

      October, 2021.

    • Sponsorship for improving the living environment of descendants of independence fighters

      Delivery of donations to the 815 Marathon organized by Korea Habitat and singer Sean to improve the living environment of descendants of independence fighters.

      August, 2021.

    • Creation of a healthy environment for volunteerism

      Delivery of messages of gratitude and health supplements to volunteers working at COVID vaccination centers, through the Volunteerism Center of Seoul Metropolitan Government.
      Sponsorship for volunteers working at COVID vaccination centers nationwide through Community Chest of Korea.

      July, 2021.

    • Participation in the “Hello Campaign” encouraging people to ask about the health and well-being of local communities.

      Participation in the subway advertisement campaign [Hello Reaction Campaign] encouraging people to ask others how they are doing
      Creation and delivery of Hello Masks and Hello Bags to the socially vulnerable suffering from the dual burden of an extended pandemic and heavy rainfall

      October, 2020.

    • “Flower Dream Project”

      A project to support flower farms experiencing difficulty due to COVID-19 by encouraging people to gift flowers

      June, 2020.

    • Scholarships for children suffering from diabetes

      A one billion step walking campaign with employees and local community members
      Delivery of a scholarship fund worth 50 million won to Korean Insulin Dependant Diabetes Association

      October, 2021.

    • Support for “Dream Start”, a child welfare initiative by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

      Tailored support to children and teenagers of the socially vulnerable class in Cheongju, Chungbuk

      May, 2021.

    • Creation of a healthy “inno.N Forest”

      Efforts have been made since 2016 to reduce fine dust particles by creating urban forests

    • Completion of a new, environment-friendly plant for IV fluids

      Solar power generating facilities have been installed in 2020 to construct a new, environment-friendly plant for manufacturing IV fluids in Osong. This has helped improve energy efficieny within the plant.