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inno.N is the new beginning of CJ Healthcare
and a name for innovation
that leads the future of pharmaceutical industry.


Development of hepatitis B vaccine 'HEPACCINE-B'
We entered the global market with the hepatitis B vaccine `HEPACCINE-B` developed by using only locally developed technology.
Entering the fluids business
We greatly improved the treatment environment by launching safe-flex IV solutions (bag fluids) for the first time in Korea.
'CONDITION' opened the anti-hangover drinks market for the first time in Korea.
CONDITION has held the title of No.1 anti-hangover drink in the market for 25 years since its first introduction in Korea. It is spreading a new hangover-easing culture beyond Korea in China, Vietnam and Japan.
Development of the EPO formulation 'EPOKINE' for the first time in Korea and the third time in the world
inno.N Corp. is leading the localization of drugs through continuous R&D.
Launching the fixed dose combination IMD for hypertension 'EXONE'
EXONE is the fixed dose combination IMD for hypertension applied with amlodipine adipate developed by inno.N Corp.
Launching the fixed dose combination IMD for hypertension 'MACHKHAN'
inno.N Corp. is improving the quality of patients' lives by launching MACHKHAN, a combination of candesartan and amlodipine, for the first time in Korea.
Launched of a new drug 'K-CAB Tab.'
for gastrointestinal reflux disease
K-CAB Tab., a new drug for gastrointestinal reflux disease that has been licensed as Korea's 30th new drug, has been released. As 'P-CAB of Korea', it creates a new trend in the treatment of gastrointestinal reflux disease in the world beyond Korea.
  • 1986Development of 'HEPACCINE-B'
  • 1992Entering the fluids business
  • 1992Launching CONDITION
  • 1998Development of EPOKINE
  • 2013Launching EXONE
  • 2016Launching MACHKHAN
  • 2019Launched of
    K-CAB Tab.


inno.N seeks to improve the quality of life by developing new drugs and biologicals.


Based on R&D capability and platform technology, we are expanding the research areas and creating tangible achievements. View more


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Innovate New & Next

The new name of CJ Healthcare, inno.N
Go for new 100 years with Global No.1 Biohealth Company.


  • New New Creation
  • &(N) Connect of possibilities
  • Next Future of biohealth

With today’s creative spirit of discovering new possibilities,
inno.N contains the story of innovation that leads the next of pharmaceutical industry.