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CONDITION was the first to open domestic anti-hangover drink market in 1992. It is the Korea's No. 1 anti-hangover brand that has been always the No.1 for 27 years since its launch. CONDITION has been renewed by enriching the ingredients and has been released as CONDITION F, CONDITION ADH, CONDITION POWER, HUTGAE CONDITION POWER, and HUTGAE CONDITION for 27 years after its launch. In 2018, We released the sixth renewed CONDITION that added herbal ingredients (dried mandarin peel, Atractylodes lancea, ginger, licorice, etc.) to existing product ingredients such as 100% domestic Hovenia(Hutgae) fruit extract. In 2014, we entered the Chinese market and declared a full-scale global market launch. We then entered the Vietnamese mainstream market and spread the new anti-hangover -relieving culture to the world arena.

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HUTGAESOO (Oriental Raisin Tea) HUTGAESOO (Oriental Raisin Tea)

HUTGAESOO(Oriental Raisin Tea)

HUTGAESOO is loaded with 100% certified local oriental raisins which helps to hydrate and replenish the body for a refreshing start to the day. HUTGAESOO is appropriate for people of all ages since it is a zero-calorie drink without saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol. The sugar content of HUTGAESOO is more than 300 times of sugar but it is composed of non-caloric fruit ‘Mogroside’. Since only a small amount of Mogroside is absorbed into intestines and the rest is washed out from the body, you can enjoy the drink without concerns for sugar.

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Produced with 6-yeared red ginseng with the most outstanding therapeutic effects

  • 1.To enhance brain activity and improve memory
  • 2.To protect the liver and aids in detoxification
  • 3.To combat fatigue and improve physical endurance
  • 4.To help to be effective in clearing stress
  • 5.To strengthen the immune system


Ginseng and lactic acid bacteria Ginseng and lactic acid bacteria

It is a product in powder-form containing 6-year-old Korean red ginseng that was first-fermented by lactic acid bacteria, and six kinds of lactic acid bacteria of Danisco., a global lactic acid bacteria company. It is a health functional food that helps improve immunity of human bodies and intestinal health. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.