Socially Responsible Management

HK inno.N seeks to contribute to a better future for all by working towards growth of
its business while living up to its corporate social responsibility.

Charter of the Declaration of Human Rights

HK inno.N, based on a genuine commitment to the healthy life of customers, diligently carries out its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen for sustainable management. With the belief that just because someone or something is different doesn’t necessarily equate that it is wrong, HK inno.N respects the diversity of all stakeholders including the company’s employees, partner companies and local community members, and practices the values of mutual respect in its interaction with said stakeholders. HK inno.N endorses the international principles and standards as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, The Constitution of the International Labour Organization, the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct. HK inno.N has declared the basic principles as follows to prevent violation of human rights. The company remains committed to promptly addressing any violations of human rights when they do occur, and taking necessary measures to prevent recurrence.
Scope of application

The human rights policy and related declaration of HK inno.N not only applies to the company’s employees,
but are also recommended to be applied to and adopted by stakeholders of the company, including its customers, partner companies and local community members.


1. Zero tolerance for discrimination

  • Discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, religious beliefs, disabilities, age, gender identity, social status or ideology shall not be tolerated in any case.
  • Discrimination in recruitment, promotions, training opportunities and welfare programs with no justifiable grounds shall not be tolerated.

2. Compliance with labor rules

  • HK inno.N complies with the legal work hours of the country in which the company’s offices and plants are located.
  • HK inno.N complies with the legal minimum wages of the country in which the company’s offices and plants are located.
  • HK inno.N provides sufficient training opportunities and an appropriate work environment, thereby promoting the development of employees and improvement of their quality of life.

3. Humane treatment

  • HK inno.N protects the privacy and personal data of employees, and does not subject its employees to physical or mental suppression or abuse.
  • Sexual harassment or bullying at the workplace is strictly prohibited. If such an incident occurs, HK inno.N takes prompt measures to protect the victim and provide necessary relief.

4. The freedom of association

  • HK inno.N abides by the labor laws of the countries to which human rights policies are applied, and offers all employees sufficient opportunities for communication regarding working conditions.

5. Prohibition of forced labor

  • HK inno.N guarantees the voluntary work of employees and do not force work against employees’ will by using physical or mental means of restriction.
  • HK inno.N does not sign agreements that have terms or conditions for monetary penalties triggered in the case of non-implementation of the employment contract. HK inno.N Also prohibits recruitment or employment contracts where debt serves as collateral to the contracts.

6. Prohibition of child labor

  • Child labor is prohibited in accordance with local laws.
  • In the case that child labor is found to have been used, HK inno.N shall conduct a check-up on the health of the child and guarantee the child an opportunity for education.
  • If a minor is hired, he/ she shall be prohibited from being assigned to tasks that pose a hazard or risk to health and safety.

7. Guarantee of industrial safety

  • HK inno.N shall regularly conduct safety inspections to ensure a safe and hygienic work environment, as well as health check-ups of employees.
  • HK inno.N shall take appropriate measures to protect against physical and mental harm that may be posed to employees on work sites.

8. Upholding of the human rights of customers and local community members

  • HK inno.N shall take precaution to ensure that the human rights of local residents are not violated during the course of the company’s operation. HK inno.N shall also guarantee that the local residents’ rights to safety and hygiene, as well as their freedom of residence are not violated.
  • When providing customers with goods or services, HK inno.N shall protect the lives, health and property of customers, and make the best efforts to protect the personal data collected throughout the course of its business activities.
Charter of the Declaration of Human Rights

HK inno.N’s commitment to upholding the human rights of all stakeholders,
including its employees, customers, partner companies and members of the local communities

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