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HK inno.N launches ‘K-CAB ODT’

May. 2, 2022

HK inno.N launches ‘K-CAB ODT’ for treatment of GERD

- K-CAB film-coated tablet expands to Orally Disintegrating Tablet(ODT) which melts in the mouth without water,

diversifying prescribing options for patient’s characteristics… K-CAB strengthens its position as a market leader 


HK inno.N launched ‘K-CAB ODT’ for treatment of GERD as of 1.May.2022. HK inno.N plans to solidify K-CAB’s market position by diversifying prescribing options by launching K-CAB ODT, which melts in the mouth without water.

Newly launched ‘K-CAB ODT’ by HK inno.N is an orally disintegrating tablet formulation, which provides better therapeutic options for patients having difficulty swallowing tablets or water. Furthermore, peppermint flavor was added to minimize discomfort from taste.

HK inno.N official stated “By introducing ODT 3 years after the K-CAB film-coated tablet’s release, we expect optimized prescribing, which takes patient’s characteristics into consideration will become more active.” Official also stated “We will continue to conduct differentiated clinical trials and research to expand indications to maximize K-CAB’s competitive edge.

K-CAB, a class of P-CAB which is a novel class of drug for GERD treatment, was first released as a film-coated tablet in Korea in 2019 and recorded a cumulative KRW 246.6 billion for outpatient prescription as of March, 2022. 

In Korea, both K-CAB film-coated tablet and ODT are approved for 4 indications, which are treatment of erosive esophagitis, treatment of non-erosive reflux disease, treatment of gastric ulcer and adjuvant for H.pylori eradication therapy. Of these, drug benefit reimburses for erosive esophagitis, treatment of non-erosive reflux disease and treatment of gastric ulcer.

K-CAB is being licensed out or exported in finished products to 27 countries including China and US. In particular, Luoxin pharmaceuticals has obtained marketing approval for K-CAB film-coated tablet in China under the brand name “Tai Xin Zan” in April, and preparing for its launch.

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