A miracle of 10 days captured in
young sprouts

Sprout barley Tea has added a fresh and energetic twist to the barley tea that Koreans have grown familiar with, by adding barley sprouts to the blend.
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Brand Story

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Barley sprouts with abundant energy are used in brewing the tea

The barley tea containing the 10 day old sprouts of barley grown in Korea, delivers a soft and savory flavor and nutrition as if boiled at home.
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Only young barley sprouts grown in Korea are used

It contains abundant nutrients of 100% domestic sprout barley grown in Boseong, Jeollanam-do. Sprout barley Tea offers premium quality that you can trust in.
Korean-grown sprout barley fully contains high content of polycosanol, and iron is 16 times more nutritious than spinach and dietary fiber is 20 times more nutritious than sweet potatoes.
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Sprout barley Tea with pure nutrition of young leaves

It is a zero-calorie barley tea that combines the softness of barley's healthy young leaves with the savory taste of roasted grains.

Product Line


Sprout barley Tea

Sprout barley Tea is a premium beverage based on a blend of the subtle flavors of barley sprouts and the deep aroma of Korean-grown barley grains.

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Sprout barley Tea Kids

Sprout barley Tea Kids is made using barley sprouts that have been grown with great care in some of the cleanest hydroponic environments, along with carefully selected organic regular barley and brown rice, making it the perfectly healthy beverage for your children.

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Sprout barley Tea has captured the freshness
of young sprouts.

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